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Welcome to our Trip's Photo Gallery:


Antigua, Guatemala -  Guatemala was our first stop - our base of operations was Antigua and we made an excursion to Volcano Pacaya.  The country is incredibly beautiful - far behind our expectations.  Take a look at hot steam rising next to us from the crater of Pacaya or the views of Volcano Agua from the ancient city, and former captial, Antigua.



Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Lake Atitlan was our second stop in Guatemala - the sights were so beautiful - we had to break this out from our Guatemala gallery section!  Lake Atitlan is surrounded by 3 Volcanos and huge walls.   Take in views from our scenic horseback ride, or the view across from our hotel in Santiago for Volcano San Pedro.




Granada, Nicaragua - Granada is a beautiful and colorful colonial town on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.  The lovely and inviting people of Nicaragua have made this an incredibly enjoyable stop on our tour.  From kayaking dozens of volcanic born islands to sitting on top of the bell town in El Merced, follow our trail through this charming city. - Granada is a beautiful and colorful colonial town on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.  The lovely and inviting people of Nicaragua have made this an incredibly enjoyable stop on our tour.  From kayaking dozens of volcanic born islands to sitting on top of the bell town in El Merced, follow our trail through this charming city.



Ometepe and Managua, Nicaragua - La Isla de Ometepe - the largest lake island in the world - is a beauty untouched by the Nicaraguan Civil War and Revolution - contributing to the people being the kindest we met in Nicaragua.  Follow along our climb of Volcan Maderas, our Howler Monkey sightings, and our beautiful sunset along Charco Verde beach.  We also through in a few pics of Managua for free!


Panama Canal

Panama City, Panama - Of course - the first thing that comes to most American's minds is the canal!  We even spent a day watching boats go by!  But, of course, there's much more to this little America then an incredible maritime passage.   Join a tour of Casco Viejo, or "Old Part", or simply join us to watch ships go by :).



Local boy in Bocas

Bocas del Toro, Panama - Island Life - how beautiful!  Bocas del Toro was a tropical paradise which has escaped the tourist radar until recently.  Luckily, tourists haven't ruined this slice of heaven yet - so come quick to enjoy warm waters, perfect soft sandy beaches, red frogs, and the nicest locals yet!   My advice - do nothing while you are here - that's what paradise is for.



Cusco's Plaza de Armas

Cusco, Peru - Set in the Andes mountains, at 11,300 feet - Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire.  This colonial town mixed with Inca structures has a semi-european swiss alps feel.  The people are incredibly friendly - the food to die for, and rich with Inca/Spanish Conquistador history.   Join the journey to the Sacred Valley, or walk with us on the streets of Cusco.



View of the Andes from our camp site

Inka Trail Day 1 - Our three day hike of the Inca Trail - day 1 begins along the Urubamba river as we ascend towards Pass 1




Sayaqmarka ruins and Mt Machu Picchu

Inka Trail Day 2 - This is the grueling day of hiking the 3 passes.  See the sights of this day's 11 hour hike!




Machu Picchu!

Inka Trail Day 3 - Day 3 = Machu Picchu - look inside the ancient ruins of this untouched wonder.




Santiago Vineyards

Santiago and Vina Del Mar, Chile - We took it easy in Santiago - with visits to a few vineyards and some days by the beach at Vina Del Mar - the biggest beach town in Chile.




Torres Del Paine

Patagonia, Chile - Our trip took an unexpected turn in Parque de Torres Del Paine - we were looking forward to some simple day hikes - but we ended up full out camping!  We even got up early to get some beautiful shots of the Torres Del Paine - what this national park in Patagonia is named after.   See the beautifully blue glaciers or Los Cuernos at sunset.



Tango it up

Buenos Aires, Argentina  - The tango capital of the world = Buenos Aires.  Enjoy a futbal game, a view of the (quote) largest avenue in the world, the Pink House, and the infamous Recoleta cementario. 




Iguazu Falls

Iguazu, Argentina & Iguassu Falls, Brazil - Breathtaking falls - it seems impossible to narrow down to a few shots.    Also take a peek at an impossible to resist picture (there's a few) of our boat going underneath the San Martin falls!   Don't forget the toucan too!





Manaus Zoo, Brazil - Although these military facilities were small - the animals were large. this military zoo had large cats and snakes, monkeys, birds, etc.






The Amazon JungleAmazon Jungle, Brazil - We spent a full day and night in the Amazon Jungle!  Take a peak at the snakes, butterflies, ants, termites, trees, mushrooms and more!




The Amazon River at sunset

Amazon River, Brazil - A full day on the river with Piranha fishing, Cayman (croc) hunting, and lots of bird watching!  All this and a great sunset on the Amazon River!  Also take a look at the "Meeting of the Waters" - where two rivers collide, but don't mix.




Ipanema BeachRio de Janeiro, Brazil - Not much to see in Rio with us - as we took a few days off relaxing on the beaches of Rio (Ipanema, Copacabana, and Barra).  We did make it up to see the Jesus Christ statue on Corcovado - but even that was a half effort (it was swealtering hot, it was way overcrowded, and we had a flight to catch) :)



Cheetah on the runCape Town (1), South Africa - Beautiful views await you on the top of Tabletop mountain in Cape Town.  A stroll through the city center, a freaky gallery exhibit, and of course, our favorite, large cats gone wild (ok - actually cheetahs gone domesticated - but whatever :) .





View looking back from Cape Point - "the end of Africa"Cape Town (2), South Africa - So many pictures for just 4 days - Cape Town held so much more than we expected that we had to split up the photo gallery!   There's an adventure dive in town where you dive in the ocean with sharks in a shark cage - who needs a cage?  We dove in just a wet suit and tank at the local Aquarium with 5 450lb sand tiger sharks!  Check out another visit to some penguins in this southern most city of Africa.  Oh and don't forget the baboons!



Mt. KilimanjaroMt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - So you might want to climb up to 19,335 feet, eh?  Come take a peak at some of the sights along the way.  If you don't want to climb it, at least enjoy the views from the top (granted a bit cloudy :)).



Baboon stuck to our hoodLake Manyara, Tanzania - Safari the way it should be.   Monkeys, baboons, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, warthogs, hippos, and more!




A lion looking at us, thinking about what would be tasty for dinnerThe Serengeti, Tanzania - If you like cats, then this is the album for you.  Lions, leopards, a cheetah to start your palate.  Finish it down with giraffes, hyenas, fox, hippos, and an endless amount of plains filled with wildebeest, zebra, impala, and gazelles!




Maasai localsNgorongoro Crater, Tanzania - Not only do you get a flavor of animals here, but also the Maasai tribe, who have called this place home for hundreds of years.  Meet the locals, or a close encounter with a lionness! 




Attack ElephantTarangire, Tanzania - Elephants, elephants, and more elephants.  That was the theme to this National park home to over 3,500 elephants.  We encountered a few aggressive ones too (protecting their young of course)!  Enjoy some close up attack elephants, or the dozens of giraffes enjoying the foliage.  



Camel and the Great Pyramids of GizaCairo, Egypt - Of course, we visited exactly what comes to mind when you say Egypt - the great pyramids.   We didn't see any charmed cobras though :(.  However, we did take advantage of our first majority muslim country to explore some mosques, and capture some pieces of the arabic culture on "film". 



Luxor TempleLuxor, Egypt - King Tut and 61 other Kings are buried here in the Valley of the Kings.  View heiroglyphs inside the tombs that protected the kings during their afterlife.  Also enjoy our botched falucca ride and the two temples in Luxor, the Luxor and Karnak temples.




The Magnificent Taj MahalDelhi and Agra, India - Landing in India - the senses are overwhelming!  Enjoy a few pictures in Delhi at the local bazaar (packed!), or the largest mosque in India.  Of course, no trip would be complete without the Taj.  Don't miss out on the largest monument to love!




Bengal TigerSawai Madhopur, India - Tiger hunting in the wild.  Sawai Madhopur is your best shot at seeing a wild Tiger - and we got lucky during the last 5 minutes of our last trip out (really - we had a train to catch :).   In addition to the tiger, the langur monkey, a large croc, deer, and others make an appearance here as well. 



The Lake Palace in UdaipurUdaipur and Pushkar, India - Udaipur was our romantic birthday getaway stop.  James Bond's Octopussy was filmed here - and being a bond fan made this even more enticing!  View the Lake Palace from on top the Shiv Niwas Palace hotel (our room :), catch a glimpse of southern India's great dosa, and others.  Also take a trip to sacred Pushkar, and a view of this lake town's holy waters.



The Palace of the WindsJaipur, India - The famous palace of the winds!  We happened to arrive on one of the two days of the Gangaur festival.  See the masses that line up - and the parade of 40 elephants. Don't miss out on the candy store and, the stereotypical cobra snake charmer on the streets of India!




The beaches at the cape - the bottom of Phuket IslandBangkok, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand - Rest and relaxation on the beach - but still have photos :).  Take a peak at the common longtail boats which are the transportation mode for the islanders.    Watch out for the 400 lb tiger and adore the tiny lion cub at the Phuket Zoo.   Stumble upon the Songkran Festival - the Thai New Year celebration complete with water fights.  Also enjoy pics of the Emerald Buddha grounds and the Grand Palace.



Angkor WatSiem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Angkor Wat is perhaps the largest religious structure in the world.  This along with dozens of others comprise the Khmer temples around Siem Reap built from the 5th to 15th centuries.  Visit with us to these temples where Two Brothers and Tomb Raider were filmed, or just see what Mario would look like if he became a Buddhist monk :).



Vietnamese working the fieldsHoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - From old wars to new clothes, Vietnam has come a long way - due to the spirit and resolve of its people.  See the locals at work, or Mario trying on a suit - either way, you're bound to fall in love with this beautiful country.  Peruse the pagodas, be shocked by their snake wine, or just admire the temples and dance of the ancient Champa people.



A boat in Hong Kong harbourHong Kong, Hong Kong and Macau, Macau - Home to the world's most densely populated piece of land - Hong Kong is the definition of capitalism.  The New York City of the east, this island is packed with everything from street side vendors to high scale fashion clothing shops.   Join us (with guests Tom and Jax) along with 14.9 million others while we explore the island, Kowloon across the way, and a trip over to colonial Macau as well.   Don't forget gambling (a Chinese favorite), while we try our luck at the horse races!  Also, get your abacus out - we visited the temple of 10,000 buddhas (start counting!).


Soldiers in Tinanmen SquareBeijing, China - The final Communist super power.  Funny thing is that it's all capitalism here - with just the supressive political/social thing.  Peak into the Forbidden City, or see a circus group get their picture taken with Mario.  See pictures of the next emperor and empress or see half of China join us as we explore this great city's treasures.



The WallGreat Wall of China & Terracotta Warriors, China - 4000 miles of wall.   What more can we say?  Follow it's ups and downs as we walk the bends of the Great Wall from Jinshaling to Simitai.  Bonus - after 2000 years underground and no record of them, more then 7000 terracotta warriors, and some large number of horse driven charriots were uncovered near Xi'an China.   Take a look at this magnificient discovery.  They're not even half complete in unearthing these guys and they started 30 years ago!    



Heian-Jingo ShrineTokyo and Kyoto, Japan -  From electronics, samurai swords, and sumo, to women dressed up as maids and nurses, this seems like a geek's heaven.   Not a sushi fan? Don't worry, steak seems big on the menu here, and there's lots of ways to consume either staple - the dining experience is ritual like, with as many ways to eat at as there are religions.   View robotayaki, yakitori, or even a sushi train while we cruise through Japan.    Food not your bag, then check out gardens, temples, Geisha, or sumo wrestling - either way, there's something for everyone here! 



Sodermalm Island - one of stockholms 14 islandsStockholm, Sweden -  While many people think of the muppets and meatballs, Sweden has much more to offer.   The streets of Gamla Stan, or literally, old town, are windy and electric - they haven't changed much for 400 years.  An Absolut drink at the Stockholm ice bar is unforgettablly cool, while visiting some of Sweden's castles, churches, and parks, force a two thumbs up from this crowd.



Smolny CathedralSt. Petersburg, Russia -  Challenging the prestige of the Louvre, the Hermitage is a must-see attraction in St. Petersburg, housed in the Winter Palace.   Not sure which to love more, the priceless Van Goughs, Picassos, and Monets, or just the architecture and decor of the palace.  View the canalled streets of this so called Venice of the East, while viewing the top secret crepe factory.   Also, join us for a shot of vodka as the locals finish off their meals



The Red SquareMoscow, Russia -  They said the cold war was over, but it's still quite cold in Moscow.  Chill out in the center of the cold war, the Kremlin, as well as the nearby Red Square and St. Basil's cathedral.   Ride the largest metro network in the world, or take in the magnificent cathedrals of the Kremlin and nearby.




St. Sophia Chuch/Mosque/MuseumIstanbul, Turkey -  No kidding, I asked our someone in Turkey if they eat Turkey, and they said yes.   But there's more then poultry to this ancient country.    Of course, as cat lovers, you'll notice a few extra pics of the endless amounts of cats on the streets here.   Looking past the feline obsession, take in the mix of East and West as you view the divides of Europe and Asia, where Christianity and Islam goes together like peanut butter and jelly (St. Sophia is a church made mosque!).    If spices and Turkish delights aren't up your alley, at least enjoy the carpets we picked up :). 



Veliko Tarnovo TownVeliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria -  The small town life in post-communist Bulgaria.  We had a relaxing time with the Tsaravets castle and the dozens of cats littered along the tiny cobblestone streets.  Not the specatular photo galleries of major tourist destinations, but nevertheless, this lovely town holds something special.




Bran CastleBudapest and Brasov, Romania -  Rolling hills, mountains, and grass meadowlands cover the beautiful land of Romania.   Despite the beautiful countryside, the first thoughts to most minds when Romania is mentioned, is Transylvania and the "legend" of Dracula.   We searched Dracula's tomb - instead of a vampire, we only found a sullen priest.  Check out Dracula's monastery, the fairy-taled Bran castle, some pics of the countryside as well as the small town of Brasov.



Hungary's ParliamentEger, Budapest, Gyor, Hungary -  Our trip to Hungary began with a stop in Eger - one of Hungary's popular wine stops.   From favorite cellars, to my all-time favorite
pastry - the cyclone, Eger kept us well satiated.   Castles, churches, and brilliant architecture awaited us in the beautiful city of Budapest. Pedal along with us in Budapest's favorite getaway spot - Margarit Island, see the lions that protect Budapest's oldest bridge, or relax with us in Hungary's famous baths in Gyor.



2 Pilsner UrquellsPrague, Czech Republic -  We saw at least 3 astronomical clocks in Prague - maybe it was because the city escaped damage from WWII, or maybe they're really punctual.  Either way, this Czech city is the place to be - it felt as if every European and American backpacker descended on the city when we did.  But we didn't let that get in the way - take a look at pics from the St. Vitrus Cathedral which dominates the largest castle complex in the world, Prague Castle.   Have some of the best beer in the world with us, a Pilsner Urquell, or if you're in a hurry, czech the time on the astronomical clocks.

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